How do I Print a PDF Printable?

We've created an entire Mini Course on the topic of Printing! It's full of useful tips and tricks. 

You can find the Printing 101 Course HERE.

Or read the article below

Printing PDF Printables Directly from the Site

If you are on the site itself and want to print a PDF directly from the Bundle Page or the Printables Search. 

  1.  First open the Bundle that has the Printable that you want to print. (Or you can select printables from the search page as well)
  2. Next click on thumbnail image of the printable you desire.  This brings it up in a new browser (see below).  
  3. Next, click the print icon (or download icon) in the upper right corner of your browser window.
  4. Hit your Print button to print.

Printing Using a PDF Reader

In order to open & view a PDF, you’ll need a PDF reader (this comes standard in many computers).  If you can’t “see” or open the PDF just by clicking on it, try downloading a PDF reader. If this is your first time downloading a PDF reader, click the link above to download the free Adobe reader.  The prompts will have you download an .exe file to your computer.  Then navigate to that file and click on it to install the application.

If you have downloaded a PDF from the site to your computer, double-click on the PDF file to open in the PDF reader.  Next, go to File > Print to print the PDF.

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