Why Can't I Open Vector Files? (AI. SVG. EPS.)

Vector files will have the file type extension of .ai, .eps or .svg.  In order to use vector files, you must have advanced software like Adobe Illustrator, etc.  SVG files are often used in conjunction with paper cutting machine software, like Cricut or Silhouette Machines.  Do not worry, the vectors are just another file format we add as a bonus format in some bundles.  The same image files are already included in your bundle as .png files, so you’re not missing out. 

Vector files are used by design professionals to make large scale projects (think billboards). The program basically redraws the image as you make it bigger, so it does not get blurry when resized for really large projects.  Most people that are not professional designers will find the image files (.png, .jpg) are perfect for their needs and they will never need to work with vector versions of those files.

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