Help, I Can't Log into My Account

Reasons Why you Can't Log in

1) Entering the wrong Password or Username

The most common reason that people trouble logging in, is because they are using the wrong password or username. 

Username Tips:

When you signed up you may have used your email address as your username or you may have selected something different to use as your username. Try using your email address first (you may want to try typing it in twice, in case you entered it in incorrectly the first time) If that doesn't work, and you can't remember your username, you can contact our Help Desk (see contact link at the bottom of this article) to obtain it. 

Read the Article Below to find out how to change your password:

If you ARE NOT already logged in to the site, click the log in button on the site homepage.

If you ARE already logged in to the site, click the Welcome drop down, and go to Account.

The log in page has links to change account information, your password, or subscription & payment information.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the account page, you can change your password.  Be sure to hit ‘SAVE PROFILE’ if you make any changes to your account data. 

***You will receive a password reset email in your email inbox. If you don't see it, then make sure you check your Spam Folder as it may be there!

2) Account has expired due to not receiving payment. 

Another common reason is that your account may have expired due to our system not receiving your payment. If your credit card has expired, you can update it using by clicking on the "payments" button in the example photos above. If you need help we have the full instructions to walk you through that HERE. 

3) There may be a glitch in the system that we need to take a look at.

If those first 2 reasons do not apply to you, then please email our Help Desk using the button below so that we can troubleshoot for you!

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